2020 Logic Don Quixote tilts at windmills…again.


nothing happens in a vacuum

mall cops carding kids ..must be over 17 to be out past bedtime?  I told kid to let them arrest him (remember the 60's) ...and then sue their ass off.  If you just go home, you are forever screwed.  Village at SandHills was packed last night with kids, for the most part, behaving.  What's with the curfue?  They have jingle in their pockets as well.  Go to Richland Mall to see the result of running the kids off ..it's dead!  Used mostly by OLD mall walkers with zippers on their pockets (they are not even fun to watch).   Does anyone remember hanging out on the boardwalk,  just watching people.  Will that be illegal soon?  Homeland security is a joke!

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